Prof. Dr. Giovanni Battista Menchini Fabris

November 18th – 19th 2022
Coventry, Double Tree Hilton Hotel

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Advanced Oral Surgery and Implant Dentistry

The interest of clinicians is increasingly directed to minimally invasive implants through surgical techniques and devices that minimize trauma to gingival tissues and postoperative morbidity to reduce healing times, improve patient compliance to the surgery and the maintenance of aesthetic and functional profiles of the treated area. Immediate implantology approach needs to start with respecting of periodontal tissues; it must start in the moment of extraction of the compromised roots and of the consequent preparation of the implant site with the aim of maximizing the bone availability present thanks to the proposed technique which expands the surgical site without overheating or reducing the prepared tissue. Among the most recent innovations in the field of Oral Implantology is Magneto Dynamic Surgery which, through controlled impulses, is capable of modifying, distracting and profiling the bone tissue and consequently the soft covering tissues, in order to regenerate the bone deficient portions through bone shaping. Surgical extraction with minimal tissues trauma, immediate or delayed implant placement in the adequacy of the surrounding bone and the treatment of vertical and horizontal bone atrophy without bone regeneration or grafts are the objectives of clinical practice in current implant surgery.
The device acts with a technique that advantage of the elasticity of the bone tissue and the possibility of modifying its shape through a mechanical percussion reducing the traumatism compared to traditional techniques and making the surgical procedures more precise. The author, with more than 20 years of Clinical and Research experience will show clinical protocols on Immediate Implantology supported by the most recent international literature on the subject.


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