Dr. Stefano Conti

Dt. Sonia Cattazzo

23rd - 24th September 2022
LONDON, Sheraton Skyline Hotel

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Biodynamic Soft Tissue Shaping

Soft Tissue Management on natural teeth and implants for the aesthetic excellence.

The aim of the course is to provide the necessary notions to deal with the Vertical Preparation Technique by highlighting the advantages of its use on both natural elements and implants. Emphasizing above all the optimal management of soft tissues and the possibility of modifying the gingival geometry, without
the use of traditional surgery. Such a preparation and  consequent elimination of the existing CEJ allow to position the final finishing line at different levels (either more apically or more coronally) and modulate the crown emergence profile to create the ideal gingival architecture (ADAPTIVE FORMS & PROFILES).
The result is the creation of a new prosthetic CEJ (PCEJ), perfectly aligned to the planned smile design and able to ensure the harmony between white and pink tissues, the true key for aesthetic success.
This technique has also demonstrated improvements in terms of quantity, quality and stability of the soft tissues. Particular importance will be given to the shape of the implant neck and to the biological and aesthetic concepts related to it. All useful notions will be provided, in order to allow the participants
to achieve consistent and predictable results. The course includes a first theoretical / practical day dedicated to the Vertical Preparation Technique on natural teeth and a second theoretical / practical day dedicated to the PRAMA implant.

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